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Is the Investment to Make your Home a "Smart Home" Worth it for Resale?

Over the past few years, smart technology has really blossomed into a huge market. With more-and-more devices offering connectivity and lower prices, almost all households have some kind of smart device in their home. Until writing this Blog, I would have said I don’t have a smart home and then I realized there’s the Ring Doorbell, our Alexa, and my favorite, our Google Nest thermostat. While some smart devices are simply “nice to have,” many can actually increase the value of the home; if you are considering a move in the future, learning which smart upgrades will increase your home’s value is important. Here are a few of the best smart home upgrades:

  • Smart Thermostats – Like I mentioned above, a smart thermostat is my favorite smart home feature, especially as the seasons change. I hate sleeping with a heater on, but also don’t want to get out of bed when it’s freezing. With our Nest Thermostat, I can change the temperature from the comfort of my warm bed or even set a time for it to turn on. Energy saving smart thermostats can sense when the home is occupied and vacant to control the temperature while saving energy costs.

  • Smart Smoke Detectors and Security Systems – Life saving smart security can alert you and the authorities automatically if there is a problem in the home.

  • Smart Door Locks – Either as part of the security system or stand alone, smart door locks allow you to control access to your home. Using Wi-Fi to unlock doors remotely and program unique codes for family, guests, housekeepers etc., you will always know by whom and when your home is accessed.

  • Smart Moisture Sensor – Mold has become a huge problem. Smart moisture sensors detect water leaks, humidity and temperature changes to protect your home from moisture damage.

These are just a few of the great smart home products available to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Most starting under $250, these smart choices will not only protect your home, but add value when listing for sale.

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