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The Inspiration of Dr. Seuss

Mondays are a great day to begin your week filled with inspiration and motivation. After all, there's a popular hashtag dedicated just to this - #motivationalmonday. Today happened to be the beginning of Read Across America Week which always falls during the week of Dr. Seuss birthday. It made me think about how amazing Dr. Seuss was as a normal citizen who took note of our society failing our children by letting literacy fall to the way side. He resolved to help improve our literacy rate in America by creating these ingenious rhyming books that to this day are still among the first books most of us read.

I think this resonates with me as a former educator (having taught middle school many years ago) and mom of two small children. They say "once a teacher, always a teacher and I find my attraction to real estate is attributed to my desire to help educate and guide people through the real estate process. Dr. Seuss inspires me in the way he found a new way to help kids regain a love for reading just as I try to find new ways to help my clients find the easiest and least stressful ways to buy or sell their homes.

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