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Spring Cleaning Checklist to Get the Most Money for Your Home

Below is a list of items to help you prepare your home for the market. The most important thing to remember is to declutter and de-personalize! I can't emphasize this enough! Your home should feel like you have not out-grown it - there should be some empty space in the closets and all cabinets (including bathroom kitchen and pantry).

The most important thing you can do to get the most money in the lease amount of time is hire an experienced and knowledgable Realtor.

I am here to help when you are ready!


  • vacuum ceiling, wall corners

  • vacuum floor corners, baseboards

  • wipe down / spot clean walls

  • shampoo carpets, rugs

  • shampoo furniture upholstery

  • clean windows, treatments, blinds

  • dust / wipe down tables and furniture

  • clean ceiling fans

  • dust all decor, pictures, lights

  • reseal grout

  • wax wood furniture, surfaces

  • clean vents, covers

  • wash doors, knobs

  • wash blankets, throw pillows

  • wash switch plates

  • donate / discard unneeded items

  • clean mirrors

  • clean outside of drawers, cabinets

  • clean the windows

  • make space in closets and cabinets!

  • De-personalize!!!


  • wipe inside & outside of appliances

  • clean under appliances

  • organize pantry / discard old items

  • wash counters, backsplash

  • clean microwave

  • run dishwasher empty with dishwasher cleaner

  • run self-cleaning oven


  • wipe down outside of washer, dryer

  • wipe down inside of washer, dryer

  • wash lint trap with soap and water


  • reorganize

  • clean floors

  • put out of season items in storage


  • clean tub, shower, drain, curtain, doors - get rid of the water stains!

  • clean inside and outside of toilet

  • clean sink, drain

  • wash bath rugs


  • clean TV screens

  • dust electronics

  • tidy electrical cords


  • wash bedskirts, ruffles, mattress pads

  • clean out under bed


  • vacuum / shampoo stairs

  • clean handrail

  • organize family photos - consider removing a few to "de-personalize"

  • organize / sweep garage

  • straighten entry items


  • sweep porches

  • clean / paint exterior of doors, windows

  • clean (or replace, if its worn) welcome mat

  • power wash exterior

  • trim bushes, trees, touch up landscape - clean up flower beds and plant new flowers

  • clean gutters and downspouts

  • clean the window and let the light in!

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