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It's Raining, it's Pouring, Your Old Roof is Leaking

It seems silly to write about rain when the sky was crystal blue with little white fluffy clouds today, but I did just receive a loud flood alert for the San Fernando Valley that's in effect until Saturday. This is really a reminder to have your home checked for a leaky roof, rain gutters that may be worn down or full of debris, drains that are not working properly or landscaping that is holding moisture to close to your home. As a Realtor, there's nothing worse than when I'm at a home inspection for foundation issues all caused by misguided water from a faulty rain gutter. Whether I'm representing a home buyer or a home seller, it's heartbreaking for either party when a sale goes sideways because of a problem that could have been prevented. A very simple fix, yet so many people don't maintain their homes properly and end up with big (and expensive) problems. Responsible home ownership is key to maintaining the integrity of what is most people's largest investment. Don't wait until the rain is already upon us and all of the contractors are too busy to rush to your house! Maintain your home and reduce the chances of having big problems down the road.

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