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Friends and Real Estate

When I am entrusted by a friend to help them buy or sell a home, there is nothing more exciting than the day we successfully close escrow and I know I've been able to help them reach their real estate goals. Recently, I was granted the opportunity to help some very good friends buy their first home. It started with simple conversations when we were picking up our kids from school more than a year ago. They were full of questions about where to get started, as any first time buyer should be - being educated is key to alleviating much of the anxiety associated with buying real estate. I was happy to be a guide about financing their first home, helping them decide what areas were realistic within their budget when considering their wants and needs, and taking them out "just to see" what's there before they "get serious." They were amazing to work with, always open to hearing advice while still giving me their honest opinions and ideas.

When the time came to really buy, they were on the ball because they had been armed with all the information they needed. Their finances were in order, they were pre-approved (after interviewing a few different lenders - this is always a good idea) and they were ready to go. We looked at homes all over the East San Fernando Valley. We looked mostly at Studio City homes for sale, Sherman Oaks homes for sale and Valley Village homes for sale. They finally found the right home in the heart of Valley Village, just around the corner from the school where our conversations had first begun. I previewed the house before they saw it and after months of looking, I knew this was the perfect home for them! It was adorable, full of the charm that the wife was looking for, spacious enough for the husbands desires and plenty of grass for their little girl to run around and finally build the playhouse she had been dreaming of.

Nothing makes me happier than helping a friend or family member buy or sell real estate. I help them just as I would any other client, but at the end of the day, the happiness I feel when I get to hand over the keys and say "Congratulations!" is stupendous.

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